Going to Wari

I am, for the first time, going to join Ashadhi Wari to Pandharpur this year. I am excited to take part in this 700 year old tradition and am thinking about writing an account of my experiences in the Wari. Lets see how it goes..

Anyway, as an upshot of my absense, there will not be any new post on this blog till July 10 or so.

I have modified my post `About Fear’ and included an example of a cinema hall to illustrate how fear can take different forms in our life. You can check it out…

In my last post, I said that acceptance of our limited understanding of nature is essential for continued progress. I feel that this kind of explains the age old saying `whatever happens, happens for the good of us.’ Further, I feel that as our sadhana increases, the critical points become subtler and subtler. If in the beginning, it required the loss of a job and not getting a proper job for us to wake up, later it would only require a minor lie from one of our friends to increase our efforts. This in itself gives us a measure of our progress in our sadhana.

Namely, what kind of things spur us on to do sadhana in more earnest. The subtler those things are, the better our state is.

Finally, there are hardly any comments on my posts. What does that mean? As you can see, this blog has about 175 hits. So it is not as if no-one is reading this…
If you would like to send an e-mail rather than post a comment, my address is inamdar.s@gmail.com.

Bye for now and see you after couple of weeks or so…


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