Questions and Answers 1

Its been one year since I have been giving lectures on Dnyaneshwari, ‘the’ marathi commentary on Gita. During these lectures, audience is encouraged to ask questions. Some of the questions asked by the listeners during last one year is presented below. More of these will follow later.

1. What does it mean by being a Hindu? For example, I also like to go the church services. Does it mean that I am less of a Hindu in any way?

One is born in a Hindu family and follows traditional Hindu customs like going to temples and think that he/she is a Hindu. Actually, being a Hindu means following what is called ‘the sanatan dharma’ (the ever present religion) which presented in the Vedas. In this religion, a person is encouraged to realise God in his life. General public finds it very hard to comprehend abstract concept of God and hence likes to make it more concrete by giving it names and forms (like Vishnu, Shiva etc.). Over the years, what these deities signify has been lost and doing ceremonial rituals has become an end itself. But we are all past that stage (hopefully!!). Therefore, if going to the church and hearing priest’s sermon helps you think about God, go ahead. It only makes you more of an Hindu! However, be very careful if anyone tells you that theirs is the only way to God. By experimenting, we are supposed to find our own path towards the realisation. Not blindly follow someone else.

2. Do we have a choice in life or is our life an overdetermined system according to the laws of Karma?

Of course, we have a choice. It is said that human life is the only one with a choice. You see, it is true that the law of karma brings in front of us events according to our past behaviour. But the choice is given as to how we should react to it. While facing a given situation, we can either apply the laws of this world ( an eye for an eye, One reaps what (s)he sows etc. etc.) or look at it from the higher laws of spiritual world ( non-violence, undemanding love, constant sacrifice etc. etc.). If we consistently choose the worldly laws in determining our reaction, we get more and more bound. On the other hand the path towards freedom from past karma lies in constantly applying spiritual laws to the events of this world. This choice is what makes human birth far more interesting than even a birth in Heaven.

3. What is deeper, Guru’s love or Mother’s love?

Actually, there is only one love. One can not say that Guru;s love is essentially different than mother’s love. However, these two persons apply this one love to different parts of our existence. Mother’s love is given only to our existence in this world. She has no knowledge of our spiritual existence. However, the real Guru looks only at our spiritual attitude (existence) and applies the necessary healing touches to this part of our existence. It is like this. We use the ‘zero watt’ bulb as a night lamp in our bedroom as well as to provide constant light in the puja room. the light coming out of those bulbs is the same. But it lights up different parts of your house. Depending on where we spend most of our time, one of those lights will be more important for us!

Therefore, for all those who wants to live only in this world, mother’s love is far more deeper. For those who wants to progress in their path towards realisation of God, Guru’s love is deeper. Before asking this question, we should try and see ourselves, from what point of view we are asking this question.

Finally, there are vary rare fortunate souls whose mother is their Guru. Their existence in both this world and spiritual world is full of bliss always!

4. As I see it, the progress of a sadhak lies in his changed attitude towards things of this world (as in Question 2.). Then, right now I am telling you that I am complete, I have reached God. I firmly believe in it. Why is it not enough? What more do I have to do?

It is true that if we really believe that we have reached God, no more efforts are required. However, how do we know that we have really believed that we are God? One sure way is that we go into a samadhi and do not see this world. However, the very fact that you are asking this question means that you see me! Therefore, this way is ruled out.

The main reason for your asking this question is you do not want to change your behaviour in this world (you are very happy with the way things stand!) and yet you also want to progress in spiritual path. If you allow yourself hypocrisy of behaving selfishly in this world while proclaiming that you know ‘the Self’, you would have to allow this luxury of twisted behaviour to all others in your life too. Therefore, its only just that you allow your wife to tell you that she is in love with you but still she is having an affair with your driver. Or you should allow your boss to tell you that he is satisfied with your work but still he is cutting your salary by 10%. If you allow these events to happen in your life calmly and see God’s ever kind nature in them, then surely what you just now proclaimed is true. Otherwise, it is your mind that is trying to cheat you by falsely declaring the vision of God (or Truth).

Really speaking, the only sign of our spiritual progress lies in how we actually behave in this world. The calmer we become in dealing with life, the higher we are in spiritual path. Of course this calm must be induced by the constant search for truth. Not by an artificial means like drugs!


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  1. vidya vitwekar Says:

    q.4 che uttar kharokhar atmanikshana saathi sarvottam ahe

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