The subtle always rules

One of the basic difference in the practical world and spiritual world is their respective point of attention. Lets look at it today and see which one should we adopt in our life.
If we live in this world, what are we trying to achieve? A bit of name and fame and also money. What is your definition of a successful man? Bill Gates, Tiger Woods and Albert Einstein are successful. A beggar on the street, a primary school teacher or a house wife are not very successful persons. Again, the last two can be considered successful if Einstein was a student of that teacher or Sachin Tendulkar was a son of the house wife. In all this, the sign of the progress of a person, the degree of his/her success is very easily measurable and is universally accepted. Bill Gates has money to show to the world, Tiger Woods has his sportsmanship and Einstein his brain power. Thus for a man on the street, the very definition of success takes the form of trying to achieve something which is accepted by the society. Well, if not the whole society, at least by the people who matter to him/her.In management jargon, it is said that a person craves for `peer recognition’ the most. If you want to keep a person happy in your company, give him some recognition. It is more important than a fat salary cheque (though the latter is important too!!).

On the other hand the definition of success in spiritual world is very different. Some of the most illumined souls (successful people in the spiritual world) have lived their entire life after enlightenment in wilderness and anonymity. In the olden days, a guru will train only one disciple and the knowledge imparted to him would be locked inside his brain. No attempt was made to made it known to more number of people and to prove their success to people at large. The definition of success in spiritual world is intrinsic, it lies within the person’s soul. It is only you who would know or care if you are successful or not. The aim is to conquer vagaries of mind and intellect. To go to a state from where you see a single undivided Truth in which various manifestations (our sensory perceptions) take place for a moment and then go away leaving residual trace on our mind, intellect. It is like being able to see the 3-D picture in a post card full of apparent jumble of lines. Before you get the correct point to focus your eyesight (which lies beyond the plane of the card), the card is nothing but some gibberish. Then somehow, without doing any apparent work, you see the beautiful garden and a hummingbird hovering in mid-air and trying to suck the nectar of a long stemmed flower. All this detailed picture was lying hidden in that card and till the moment you see it, you had no idea what lies in store in that card. The successful people in the spiritual world have managed to see that picture. Can they now go and show it to anyone else? This knowledge, this beautiful picture is only for their eyes. I have to make my own effort to see it myself. Then, why should I give any credit to those who have seen it themselves?

The point is: the aim or the goal of the spiritual world is not amenable to worldwide recognition. It is only for those who are keen to unravel a mystery and who really want to make sense of the mess that they see in their everyday life. The aim is pure knowledge.

So the difference between everyday practical world and spiritual world is like chalk and cheese. The first one is trying to conquer the gross (recognition from society) and the other is trying to understand the subtle (knowing the Truth, trying to make sense of our existence). Which one is better? Well, in your life, the choice is entirely yours. But in abstract sense, the subtle always rules over the gross. There is not a single iota of doubt in it. The entire practical world is built of our sensory receptions which in turn are interpreted by our mind, which is subtle. Hence the very existence of the gross world is on the platform of subtle. Trying to be better person in the gross world is like trying to take a pain killer tablet for a head-ache. It dulls the pain temporarily but unless the main cause for the head-ache (may be a bad eye sight? You are focusing on wrong things you see!!) is removed, it is bound to recur. That is why we see so many (if not all) rich and famous people living a life full of psychological misery. They have got the recognition from the society at large but not the happiness within.

Hence, the real sign of manliness (no offense to the fairer sex, its just a phrase!) lies in conquering the subtle. The real sign of contentedness lies in not wanting to prove anything to anyone else. I am happy and thats enough. Why should my happiness need be corroborated by ten thousand strangers? I do not need to tell even to others whether I am happy or not. Only those who have the guts to proclaim this loudly are fit enough for the purest of bliss. The rest will make their spiritual quest into yet another profit making transaction in the practical world.

More on this later.


2 Responses to “The subtle always rules”

  1. Daeshpande Says:

    It is very difficult to be in isolation.Our relationship with the outer world has a very strong bond with our inner self.This is a sort of natural thing.
    Our duties towards our family and nation are mandetory.
    In the primary stages of our advancement in the spiritual journey,this bond always pulls us back to the socity.
    If you are married & have children,& your wife hates your mother,you come across a difficult situation where you loose on either side.We try to convince both of them but the end is not at all a winwin situation.
    We know very well that there are endless number of such situations & maney of them may be of much worst degree also,but to us,they are realities and are more close to our heart.
    Is there any way?

    • Shreedhar Says:

      I fully sympathise with the situation you have described. It is common enough to merit closer inspection.

      One must realise the basic difference in point of views of your wife and your mother. Your wife is related to your mother through you. Hence she will always be a secondary relative. It is somewhat like a distant cousin of yours. Same is said about your mother’s point of view towards your wife. On the other hand you are directly related to both of them. Hence both of them would shower love on you but not on each other. This is the basic fact of life. You, on the other hand, will shower equal love to both and would be puzzled about friction between them just as you would be if two of your close friends become unfriendly with each other.
      This is the subtle understanding of the gross reality. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are usually at loggerheads with each other because they are distant relatives, not close relatives as you wish they are.
      Now, to put this knowledge in practice, you should show understanding to both their animosity to each other. As and when needed tell them what is the right thing to do at that moment and MOVE ON. Do not pass judgement on either of them for their lack of understanding of other’s good points. At best, you can apeal to their kindness, not their sense of duty. Accept the fact that they will always disagree on some issues just like you have accepted that you have to eat twice a day to live. Its a pain but we have got used to it, haven’t we?!!!

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