The art of meditation -II

Last time we tried to understand the meaning of the word meditation. This understanding was very crucial. Quite often we use a certain word with a peculiar meaning in our mind. But the listener may not have the same meaning in his/her mind. This disparity eventually snowballs into a much bigger conflict and the people involved in this conflict may never come to know this real cause of their difference of opinions. Anyways, so meditation for me means the process with which we are trying to understand the root cause of our stress. That is all. Whether it leads us to self realisation or God or anywhere else is not our concern right now.

This is not inconsistent with Advaita philosophy. After all there is only one Truth. This means that if we understand fully any ONE thing in our life, we would have understood everything!!! It is my personal experience that I have not understood fully anything till now. True, I have a Ph.D. in Mathematics and therefore i might claim to know more mathematics than most people but I have not understood it fully. My understanding is better than others does not mean that it is complete. This point was raised earlier in my post `What Do You Know‘. So applying this logic to our stress we see that if we understand fully the reason for our stress, we would have seen the same Truth as told in Vedanta. So even those people who are seeking spiritual understanding through meditation should not feel that this goal is too limited compared to their lofty aim.

Some of you may feel that there is not much stress in their life. Finding the root of cause of stress is not a motivation they are excited about. Fair enough. But then what is it that troubles you? Why would you want to meditation anyway? If you are happy with your current life, why start something new like meditation? May be your meditation should have goal `I must know why I feel like doing meditation!’. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Any reason will do. There is only one Truth. If you understand any ONE thing, you have reached the ultimate spiritual quest! So do not get distracted with this professed aim of ours. It is a red herring as they say. Its not the real thing. The real thing is our passion to understand something. It is this passion that we must focus our attention on. The aim becomes a means with which this passion comes out in the open. Its like this: snake catchers often put in foul smelling object in a snake hole so that the hidden snake comes out. Our aim of finding out the reason of stress (or any other aim) is just like that foul smelling object which brings out the hidden passion about understanding. Without this passion we are nothing. We will not distinguishable from any other animal in this world.  So the real thing is to feel this urge to really understand something. This must precede meditation. Only after that meditation would yield satisfactory results (if we can use such words to meditation.)

Moreover, sitting quietly and looking at ones inner being dispassionately is the path that is common for understanding any question dealing with subtle mental process. Hence last entry does not lose any significance even if your aim for meditation is different.

Now, I just do not feel like writing any further. I started this entry with the aim of putting down techniques that will help in doing meditation and also warn about certain standard pitfalls. But it would have to wait till next time. Bye for now and light up the hidden passion of understanding something `fully’ in your life. No approximation would do. Full understanding should be the goal. If you can find one such thing in your life, your job is more than half-done!!


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