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Hello! My name is Shreedhar Inamdar. I finished my Ph.D. in mathematics in 1991. Since 1996, I have been seriously thinking about the relevance of the ancient Indian philosophy in our modern day life. In 1998, Dadasaheb Madhavnath Sangavadekar Maharaj of Kolhapur became my guru. Since then, under his guidance, I have been reading Dnyaneshwari. It is a commentary in Marathi on Bhagvad Gita by the great saint Dnyaneshwar.

I decided to start this blog about my thoughts on Dnyaneshwari thinking that it might prove helpful in the readers’ own quest of finding the meaning of Dnyaneshwari. I believe that these thoughts occurred to me solely due to the grace of my guru. However, due to my own personal imperfections, I do not think that I have understood the full import of his grace. I therefore sincerely wish that the reader of this blog communicates his/her thoughts unhesitatingly to help me understand things better.

My e-mail address is: inamdar.s@gmail.com


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