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315/9: Life beyond doing good deeds

December 24, 2007

There are two ways that lead you away from Me. One of them takes you to the Heaven and the second to Hell. Ignore both these paths and come to Me.

Even if one accepts that we should lead a life whose sole goal is to reach God, our usual perception of leading such a life is to be useful to the society. After all, isn’t it true that God resides us in all? So what is wrong in trying to elevate social or economic misery of people around you is what we normally think.

True, there is nothing wrong in these attempts of ours. However, the tacit implication that with these deeds we are going closer to God is wrong. After all, has God come to you and requested any help? How are you sure that your attempts at removing current misery of people around you is what God has ordained?

You see: The God we are trying to find is within us. The people without have very little relevance in reaching Him. In fact our preoccupation with society in large is an obstruction in looking inwards. For example, how many amongst us are confident enough to stand by our convictions when faced by strong opposition from people who are dear to us? Don’t we all compromise on our beliefs in order to be more acceptable in the society? Then, how can we reach something and have belief in our achievement of reaching it whose existence does not depend on being certified by people around you. If we think about it calmly, we will find out that even our notion of being `happy’ is in relation with people around you. For example, our happiness at suddenly seeing a beautiful sunset becomes complete only if our dear one is next to us and shares the same enthusiasm for the spectacle. Otherwise we feel something is amiss. Right from our childhood we are conditioned in believing that the more people think something is true, the truer the thing is. That is why even in the most trivial thing like seeing a beautiful sunset, we are not fully happy unless someone else shares our rapture.

But in spiritual matters, true understanding is considered to be first hand experience of a thing. Our happiness is complete the moment we feel it. Our perception of God can take a completely different form than that of our best buddy’s. Therefore, if we really want to progress towards God, we need to start a life in which our perception of a thing is enough for it to exist. Our feelings should be trusted even though they are not echoed by someone else. In order to reach this self-sufficient stage first of all, we should stop seeing the good of the society, or the people around you as the ultimate aim of our life. This does not mean that we should give up our attempts of making others life comfortable. It just means that we should start thinking that there is more to our life than this. That extra thing in our life is our constant thinking about God, His form in our life, our understanding of Him. A spiritually inclined person behaves in this world like an ordinary person but his mind is tuned constantly inward. He/she is ceaselessly trying to see what impressions are arising in the mind. Without philosophizing too much about God, such a person quietly does whatever work that comes naturally to them and keeps their mind on thoughts of God. This way, being `socially useful’ loses any meaning and we do not go astray and avoid the lower path to Heaven. Being constantly in communion with God is a far better alternative to Heaven!