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71/10: Experimenting With Life

September 20, 2006

Summary: When we come close to Sadguru, we feel an urge to know him more. We then start sharing our innermost experiences with him. To do this, while living our life, we very often think that ‘ aha, this thing that happened to me, I must tell to Sadguru and see what he says about it.’ When we are fully established in this stage, the Sadguru becomes happy and starts revealing his true form to us. That is the only way to reach Him.

Verse 71: Tari Miyaa Jaaliyaa Jivaa, Maharshi Athavaa Devaa, Maate JaaNaavayaa Hoaavaa, Avakaashu Gaa.

Translation: Only then the forms that have come out of me, (may it be) the great sages or (even) Gods, will have an understanding of My real nature.

After the great Ninth Chapter, Bhagvan Krishna starts talking again. He says in the first two shlokas: ‘Arjuna, listen to me again. I have your best interest in mind so let me tell you the ultimate truth. All these people have come out of me. Even the greatest of all sages or gods have been borne from me and therefore, it is impossible for them to know how I come to exist or what is my real influence in their lives.’ The commentary of Dnyaneshwar Maharaj on these two shlokas ends with the above verse. Therefore, it may seem to be an impossible task to know God in its most abstract form in our life. However, in the very next verse, Dnyaneshwar tells us how to realise him. I therefore feel like using the first word Tari of this verse, which means ‘Only then’, to explain how we can proceed towards realization of god in our life. This thought is more pronounced in my mind because, what we are supposed to do is the next logical step after we come close to Sadguru (7/14: Proximity To Sadguru).

Let us assume that we have read the entry mentioned above. After one has come close to the Sadguru, we feel more and more enchanted by his kindness towards us. It becomes clear to us that no matter what we do, however horribly wrong we may behave; this Sadguru is going to be with us. When we compare this feeling with our other relations in the world, we see that there is no other person in this world who feels as much as the Sadguru. I mean, to whom can we honestly say all our innermost thoughts? If we pause for a moment and look honestly, we see that most of our thoughts are best avoided! Even we ourselves try to run away from facing them. But Sadguru, on his own part, shows no such avoidance. The moment we accept a particular thought as our own, Sadguru will tell us its relevance in our life without fail. He just witnesses all our thoughts without any moral judgments. Once we realise this aspect of the Sadguru, we develop an extremely close relationship with him. He becomes a friend to share all our happiness and gives us a shoulder to cry on every time something goes wrong. Once this kind of relationship is established with the Sadguru, we become keen to know more about Him. We start thinking, is it possible for us to see him, touch him or realise him in our life as clearly as our mother? Then, we realise that one way to know him is to know his reactions to as many situations as possible. After all it is our common experience that if we go through diverse situations with a person, we feel that we know that person better. That is how we first became close to our mother and then to our spouse. We had exposed most of our thoughts to them and their reactions not only gave support but also divulged information about their nature to us. The few fortunate souls who wish to understand Sadguru with this process are fit for realization of God. Their life takes a different turn now.

When we go through our everyday life, we usually have a well-defined notion of the reasons of our action. For example, when I start the car to go to the office in the morning, I somehow know when I consider the drive was good and when should I crib about my drive to colleagues. When I reach office, depending upon my actual experience, I choose suitable words to describe my drive. This process goes on with almost everything that we do. When I say that we have based our life firmly on our prejudices and rigid mind, this is what I mean. However, now the life takes a new dimension. Our aim is not to describe the drive to our friends but to the Sadguru. Also, we are going to do that with the sole aim of knowing his reaction to it. Now, to know his true reaction, we must describe the drive as truthfully as possible. Therefore, we first have to remove all our emotions from the event and must describe it as factually as possible. Even what we see depends upon our mind-set. If we see a woman being harsh to a child, some of us may think that the woman is the mother and the child must have done something to deserve this punishment while some of us may not be so kind towards the woman. Further, the way we had looked at it will affect our choice of words when we describe this event to someone else. Therefore, to be able to describe the event as factually as possible to the Sadguru, we must first learn to be a good observer. A good observer is the one who has no point of view of his own. He just observes. This is a radically different way of looking at things than what we have been used to. Uptill now, whenever we see a thing, the most common thought that comes to our mind is: what does this mean to me. If it means good, we say the event was good. However, from now on, we are going to get the reaction of Sadguru to whatever we see. Thus, we automatically stop judging the events around us. We leave the judgment part to the Sadguru. After his reaction, we not only get the correct picture of that event but also know a bit more about Sadguru. This way, our whole life becomes an experiment towards understanding Sadguru. In the sense that whatever we see, feel or experience in any other way becomes a data with which we come closer to our Sadguru. When this happens, our own passions, our own prejudices become less pronounced. We hardly seem to ‘want’ anything. Whenever people ask your own opinion, you seem to be lost for words! Somehow, without our trying, our life has taken a new form. This has happened because our primary aim of life has become that of knowing Sadguru. This is the time we become fit for the knowledge that even Maharshi’s and Gods aspire for. Only Then we have the capacity to understand the real extent of god and his influence in our life. For, there is no difference between God and the Sadguru within you.