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The First Verse – 3: About Fear

June 9, 2006

Summary: Fear takes various forms in our life. Only Guru-Krupa shows the real way to overcome this multi-faced fear. Following the path shown by Guru-Krupa is what real Guru-Bhakti is. That is the only way to proceed in our sadhana.

If we want to overcome the fear that prevents us from following the path of sadhana, we must first understand its actual form in our own life. This obstruction takes different forms according to the predispositions of the sadhak. The more intellectual and learned sadhak is, the more convoluted is the form assumed by this fear. A few examples would be: A feeling that

  • I’m all right now. What is the need for me to go all the way in sadhana?
  • My responsibility to the people who depend on me is more important. I can do real sadhana only after I take care of them.
  • At my age, the whole world behaves in a certain way. How can they all be wrong?
  • My guru never explicitly told me to do anything. Then, why should I do things on my own?

All these and numerous more are the forms of the basic fear that stops us in proceeding further in our sadhana. One can imagine the basic Fear as the light in the projector of a cinema hall, our predispositions and current state of mind as the film and actual observation of these predispositions under the light of Fear as the above mentioned thoughts. Just as in a cinema hall, the picture is due to the pure white light of the projector, so are these feelings various forms of one basic fear of self-annihilation. It is only a very advanced sadhak that sees the fear of self-annihilation as the real obstruction to his sadhana. For such a sadhak, there is no film in the projector! For most of us, it comes in a convoluted form. As we progress in our sadhana, it slowly starts showing its real shape. Further, as the fear takes on a different form, your sadhana should be modified. Hence, the first job is to identify its form in your life so clearly that it becomes a fact of life (Swasamvedya!). This is the form of sadhana that we all should start with.

Then, what should we do? The answer is NOTHING. Just keep this fact in your mind as much as possible. Whenever you have a spare time, think `hey, that particular thing is keeping me away from doing sadhana’ and get on with your chores. An adamant person refuses to see other’s arguments and keep repeating the same thing all the time! Just like that, keep coming back to this fact in your life. At this time, your sadhana is this relentless coming back to the problem. Sooner or later, due to this persistent sadhana, your mind will become ready to accept the solution of your problem. Then, the solution would be presented to you.

This, according to me, is one aspect of Guru-Krupa. You would know instinctively that the solution that has sprung to your mind is the right thing to do. You might even be amazed at its simplicity and wonder how you didn’t think of it before? In fact, the simpler the solution is, the harder for us to believe in its efficacy. The point is to have faith in this intuitive solution and carry out the solution in your life. Having faith in the intuitive answer is the second aspect of Guru-Krupa.

Now, your sadhana has become the implementation of the solution in your life. The solution should be implemented so thoroughly that it becomes a fact in your life. Then, one day, you will see another form of obstruction. The same thing repeats again, and again, and again! This is the real sadhana. Your daily or weekly meditation on the guru-mantra is a means to achieve this real sadhana. This periodic activity provides you with reassurance that you are not alone in this constant struggle against your inner demons. This feeling of not being alone gives you great courage to continue your struggle and that is the main reason why we need a guru. The guru is not there to solve all your problems. He is there to give you courage so that you can go ahead and try to solve them in your own way. Therefore, having a guru should not be the ultimate aim in our life. In fact, having a guru is a responsibility. The responsibility of living life the way it has been described above. Further, real guru bhakti is this continuous walking on the path shown by Guru-Krupa. Nothing else. Are we ready for it?